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Beehive Editing

likes your (house) style.

In fact, we're obsessed with it.


As your editorial partner, Beehive Editing promises to master the unique specifications and style guidelines that define your project. We've been doing it for our clients for over two decades.


Beehive Editing partners with K-12 publishers and subject-matter experts to develop and polish print, digital, and immersive educational content ranging from core instructional materials and ancillaries, to teacher and curriculum resources, to formative and high-stakes assessments, to project-based learning tools.


Whether you're looking for an expert editor to jump on board a challenging program underway, or a content-development partner to build a trusted team and steer your project to timely completion, Beehive Editing can help

We strive to make your mathematics and science content as precise and accessible as it can be.

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