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Veative Math Module
Veative Physics Module
Veative Biology Module
Veative Chemistry Module
Veative VR Learn
  • ​Developmental Editor for middle- and high-school chemistry, physics, biology, and math VR learning modules

  • Worked closely with publisher and SMEs at all content development stages, from concept through storyboard

  • Beehive Editing's team reviewed over 70 learning modules to improve instructional sequences and interactivities, fix factual errors, check accuracy of images and animations, and clarify wording of instructional concepts.

  • For each module, wrote and revised learning objectives, activity scripts, captions, key concepts, and practice and assessment questions

School Specialty's Success Coach SE
HMH Into Math
Sadlier Math Grade 2
Triumph Learning Get Waggle
  • ​Ten years as Lead Editor and Content Manager for the development of print and digital K-12 math programs for various clients including Savvas, NWEA, School Specialty, MHE, HMH, W. H. Sadlier, Triumph Learning, and Ellevation Education

  • Handle day-to-day communications with publishers and conduct status meetings

  • Develop writer guidelines and schedules

  • Train, manage, and support freelance writing and editing teams

  • Edit, revise, and approve final manuscript

  • Manage all aspects of manuscript development, quality control, and workflow, ensuring deliverables are on or ahead of schedule

Filament Games Reach for the Sun TG
Filament Games Cell Command TG
Filament Games Crazy Plant Shop TG
  • ​Copyedited student and teacher editions for ten game-based, NGSS-aligned curriculum units in the life sciences and physical sciences

  • Topics include cell structure and processes, heredity, plant structure and processes, unity and diversity, stars and the solar system, forces and motion, energy and engineering, chemical equations, properties of sound, and thermodynamics.

GenZ Online
  • ​Managing Editor for the development of web-based PSAT, SAT, and ACT test-prep programs

  • Edited, revised, and approved all math content in publisher's CMS including interactive lessons, quizzes, step-by-step solutions, answer feedback, and tech art 

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